Happy Healthy Relationships:

Becoming The Love You Want.

An 8 week journey to break relationship patterns, heal yourself and embody the love

you already are so that you can attract the love you desire in 2024.

Have you been unhappy in love for a while my friend?

If you’re feeling confused, overwhelmed, disappointed, shutdown and powerless when it comes to love and relationships.

Or you’re struggling to attract a partner (“the One”), or keep attracting ‘the wrong type.’

I see you, I’ve been you, and I am so happy you’re here.

If any of these read true for you....

and you feel like you’re in a place believing that you’ll never have the love you want (and maybe you think there’s something wrong with you or you’re not enough).

I know and I understand. After two divorces and 8 years single, I finally found the love I wanted - inside me (and then I manifested the most amazing life partner)!

Do you want what got me here?

I’m so excited to bring this program to you…

It’s = embodied love: the journey of nervous system regulation + parts integration + practical tools.

Because when you feel safe in your body, integrate your younger parts and use practical tools to align and show up in ways that honour who you are, you become love.

I want that for you. Do you want that for yourself?

if you do, continue reading below....

“I’ve read self-help books, done the workshops and I still can’t find a happy healthy relationship, what am I doing wrong?”

I know it’s exhausting to try to find love. To get your hopes up,”Omg, I’ve met the one!” for this to be shattered by the same old patterns of disillusionment, abandonment, fear, rejection, narcissism, and no real attraction.

Fed up with being on your own, doing the ‘dating thing’, wondering if you will ever have the love you want? I know after my second divorce I felt exactly the same. I was stuck for ages, trying online dating and apps, and nothing worked for me, until I learned to change myself from the inside out.

I learned to regulate my nervous system so I felt safe and connected to myself (first).

You see, the problem is, when we’re dysregulated (and most people are), our younger parts get easily triggered, and these parts are unable to communicate their feelings or needs. This is because our ‘younger protective parts’ don’t speak a cognitive language, they speak to us through our body.

To change your experience, you have to use a body up approach first.

The secret to being yourself, to feeling good and to having a healthy happy loving relationship where you can express yourself, set (and maintain) boundaries and create a life you love is by integrating these younger parts, and showing them that they’re safe to have these things.

In Happy Healthy Relationships - Becoming The Love You Want, we use somatic tools and practices to regulate your nervous system so you can come back home to safety and love internally, before you go out into the world to attract the love you want.

Become love first and then attract love.

"This program was the best investment, everything changed after working with Maxine."

"Working with Maxine has been one of the best investments in life and love that I have ever made. Through her wisdom, Maxine helped me to have beautiful life-changing insights. I met my partner within six months of this program and now 3 years later, I am married and have a baby son.”



nervous system regulation + parts integrations + practical tools

(scroll across to discover the steps)



  • A deep experience of being the love you want. You will know how to connect to your inner source of love (and freedom) and to expand the energy of your loving heart.

  • A regulated nervous system. Regulation is the foundation for a full, happy life and supports you in gaining control over your relationships and life experience.

  • Tools to rewire & recode your nervous system for healthy attachment. It’s difficult to date and trust if love is ‘real’ when you’re dysregulated. These tools will teach you to come back home to your zone of safety, trust and love.

  • A union with your younger self (parts) and shift into your empowered adult self. Together and with the group, we will integrate the younger parts of yourself and provide them with the necessary support so that you can move on from the past and feel secure in your present life.

  • Tools to navigate your relationships. You’ll learn to step toward secure attachments (based on your primary attachment style), feel safer in your relationships, choose a partner(s) you desire (instead of the young parts choosing for you), and to repair upset and resolve conflict and so much more!

  • Knowledge to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Learn how to set boundaries that reflect your innermost self, rather than relying on defensive or reactive boundaries. With these tools, you can establish healthy boundaries with your partner(s), family, purpose, and finances that align with your desires.

  • The power to align with your purpose: We will explore practical ways to align with your goals, learn effective manifestation and re-coding techniques, and prioritise self-care to honour yourself and your needs.

  • 8 Modules with 40 short videos, totaling 5 hours of video content! You’ll also get over 40 worksheets, somatic regulating tools, guided meditations, and 10 regulating resources videos!

  • An online community to connect with the other amazing people taking this course with you!

  • Extended access to the course materials! After the 8-week live experience, you’ll still be able to access module videos, worksheets, and regulating resources through the portal, which you’ll have for as long as the course exists!

When you enrol

you get:


Weekly 2 hour live group session with Maxine (for 8 weeks). Sessions are via Zoom and are recorded and available for replay.



40 short exercises and practices, which I guide you through. These are delivered via, video and, audio.


Somatic regulating resources, so you feel safe and alive in your body.



Worksheets to support deeper integration of the work, attachment styles and dating practices that support you activating your feminine power.


I've helped hundreds of successful women, just like you...

Maxine Clancy is a Master Coach and Relationship & Divorce specialist who has helped hundreds of women transform heartache into possibility, adversity into big dreams and to embody their most authentic self.

With a background in spiritual psychotherapy, Maxine has over twenty years experience working with women going through difficult and painful life challenges. From bereavement, divorce, career transitions and finding love. Maxine’s passion is to support women to come back home to their innate power and infinite source of love.

Maxine is founder of The Divorce Detox method, Empowered Woman online program and has been featured in media publications, BBC Radio London, The Independent, Sun, Psychologies, Fabulous, Closer, HuffPost, Thrive Global and is a regular podcast guest.

"You have an amazing knack of going to the heart of a problem and this helped me to face things head on. I would recommend you to anyone with relationship issues."

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inspiration, guidance and help through difficult times. My relationships to date have been toxic, (stemming from childhood issues) Working through these together has given me the strength and guidance to be a stronger more self sufficient version of myself. As I have always said you have helped me become a shinier version of myself and that is such a gift. " - (This client met her partner within 3 months of finishing her coaching program and is now happily married).


This Program Is For You If:

  • You're forever single and have given up on finding love
  • You're divorced and want to find love again
  • You're in a relationship and you're not sure if you should stay or go
  • You're not fulfilled in your love life and you know that working on yourself will help you to get clarity on what you want
  • You know you have past love patterns that are affecting your ability to have a happy healthy loving relationship
  • You know that working on yourself is a must if you want a happier future

So... are you ready to transform your love life?



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"She is a really lovely lady, with a great energy that left me buzzing after every session!"

"When I first started working with Maxine I felt lost. I couldn’t see my future. Every time I saw my ex I felt emotionally charged. Maxine helped me to reflect on the breakdown of my marriage, find peace with my feelings towards to ex-partner, and feel excited and empowered about my future. I'd happily recommend her."


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

Dates: Wednesday 24th Jan to 13th March 2024

Sessions are 7-9pm GMT on Wednesday

Content for the week is released each week on a Monday.

All sessions are recorded and the replay up by 10am the next day.

What if I can’t make some of the live sessions?

That’s okay, come to as many live sessions as possible, because then you will get the opportunity to be coached live. However all sessions are recorded, there is a private FB community to ask questions and get support.

What if I’m in a relationship, is this for me?

Yes. Most relationship problems stem from un-integrated parts and nervous system dysregulation. We are often relating and responding from unhealed childhood wounds and trauma. This program will help you to regulate your nervous system, understand your childhood wounds and integrate the parts of yourself that get triggered. This is a deep journey back home to yourself and love.

What if I’ve done something like this before and it didn’t work for me?

I get it, sometimes we have alot to shift within ourselves. This program will give you the tools to heal your inner childhood wounds, find safety, so you can date or be in relationship from a completely different space within yourself. You will then create a different type of relationship in the world.

What's the price and can I pay in instalments?

Yes of course. Earlybird Payment can be made in full (£999 with added bonus of What'sApp Group support Monday- Thursday, or in three payments of £333 - prior to 17th December 2023. Thereafter the price is £1297.

So... are you ready to get this thing started?


NOW is the time!

this is a safe space to work on yourself and your relationships.



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